NutriStrategy List of Weight Training and Strength Training Exercises
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NutriStrategy Weight Lifting and Strength Training Workouts

Weight training and strength training builds muscles (lean body mass) and increases your energy level and metabolism. See our list of weight lifting and body building exercises to increase strength, while building muscle size and improving muscle tone. See a list of calories burned during exercises by NutriStrategy.

Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Chest Trapezius, Back, Shoulders, Abdominals
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Muscle Group
Biceps Seated Biceps Curl, Dumbell
Biceps Standing Biceps Curl, Dumbell
Biceps Standing Medium-Grip Barbell Curl
Biceps Standing One-Arm Dumbbell Curl
Biceps Biceps Curl, Iso-Bar
Biceps Biceps Curl, Roto-Bar
Biceps Preacher Bench Medium-Grip Barbell Curl
Biceps Dumbbell Curl
Biceps Incline Dumbbell Curl
Biceps Bicep Machine, Seated
Biceps Standing Bar Curl, Machine
Biceps Standing One-Arm Curl,Low Pulley
Triceps Triceps Push Down
Triceps Triceps Rope Pull-down
Triceps Triceps Reverse Grip Push Down
Triceps Triceps Extension,Standing,Rope
Triceps Triceps Extension,Machine,Seated
Triceps Triceps Extension,Machine,Standing,Bar
Triceps Triceps Extension,Lying Down
Triceps Triceps Extension,Overhead,Barbell
Triceps Triceps Extension,Overhead,Dumbbell
Triceps Kickbacks,Bent,1-Arm,Dumbbell
Triceps Kickbacks,Bent,2-Arm,Dumbbell
Triceps Dips,Bench or Chair
Forearms(inner) Wrist Curl,Barbell,Palms Up
Forearms(outer) Wrist Curl,Barbell,Palms Down
Forearms(inner) Wrist Curl (Wrist Flexion),Neutral Grip
Forearms(outer) Wrist Curl,Dumbbells,Palm Down
Forearms(inner,outer) Wrist Roller
Chest;Shoulder(front);Triceps Bench Press,Barbell
Chest Flat Bench Press
Chest Flat Bench Press,Machine
Chest Flat Dumbbell Press
Chest(outer) Bench Press,Medium Grip,Barbell
Chest(outer) Bench Press,Wide-Grip,Barbell
Chest(outer,upper) Incline Bench Press,Wide-Grip,Barbell
Chest(upper) Incline Bench Press,Medium-Grip,Barbell
Chest(upper) Incline Press,Dumbbell
Chest(upper) Incline Press,Barbell
Chest(lower) Decline Press,Dumbbells
Chest(lower) Decline Bench Press,Medium-Grip,Barbell
Chest(outer,lower) Decline Bench Press,Wide-Grip,Barbell
Chest(outer) Bent-Arm Lateral,Dumbbells
Chest(upper) Incline Dumbbell Fly
Chest(lower) Decline Dumbbell Fly
Chest(upper) Incline Lateral,Dumbbells
Chest;Shoulder(front) Flat Dumbbell Fly
Chest;Shoulder(front);Triceps Chest Press Machine
Chest(upper,inner) Cable Crossover,High Pulley
Chest;Shoulder(front) Machine Fly
Chest(inner,upper) Pec Dec Butterfly (Pectoral Fly)
Chest Straight-Arm Barbell Pullover,Medium-Grip
Chest Straight Arm Dumbbell Pullover
Chest Bent-Arm Dumbbell Pullover
Chest(upper);Triceps Bent Arm Barbell Pullover
Chest(upper);Triceps Bent Arm Barbell Pullover and Press
Chest(lower);Triceps Dips
Chest(upper);Shoulder(front);Triceps Bar Dip,Palms In,Neutral Grip
Chest;Shoulder(front) Push Ups,Feet on Bench
Chest;Triceps Push Ups,Floor
Chest(upper);Shoulder(front);Triceps Push-Up,Elbows Close to Sides
Chest(upper,lower) Push-Up,Elbows Out