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NutriStrategy provides a list of strength training exercises and workouts for the middle back, upper back, lower back; shoulders, abdominal muscles (upper abs, lower abs, oblique muscles). Weight training and strength training builds muscles (lean body mass) and increases your energy level and metabolism. See our list of weight lifting and body building exercises to increase strength, while building muscle size and improving muscle tone.

Biceps, Triceps, Forearms, Chest • Trapezius, Back, Shoulders, Abdominals
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Muscle Group
Trapezius Shoulder Shrug,Barbell
Trapezius Shoulder Shrug,Dumbbells
Trapezius Shoulder Shrug,Machine
Back(middle) Dumbbell Row,One-Arm, Bent-Over
Back(upper) Dumbbell Row,Two-Arm,Bent-Over
Back(middle) Barbell Row,Bent-over
Back(middle) Mid Row,Chest Supported,Machine
Back Seated Row,Floor,Machine
Back(upper,lower) Seated,Low Lat Pull-In,Two-Arm
Back(upper);Chest(lower) Chin-Up,Neutral Grip,Palms Inward
Back(lower) Front Chin Up,Close-Grip,Palms Back
Back(lower) Front Chin Up,Reverse Close-Grip
Back(lower) V-Bar Chin Up,Neutral Grip,Palms In
Back Pull-ups,Palms Front
Back(upper);Chest(lower) Pull-Up,Pronated Grip(palms back)
Back(upper) Lat Pulldown,Wide Grip
Back(lower);Chest(lower) Lat Pulldown,Narrow-Grip
Back Lat Pulldown,Straight-Arm,Close-Grip
Back(lower) Hyperextensions,Floor
Back(lower) Hyperextension,Bench
Back,Glutes,Hamstrings Back Extension,"Roman Chair"
Back,Glutes,Hamstrings Back Extension,"Roman Chair",Twisting
Back Back Extension Machine
Back(lower);Chest(lower) Pullover
Back,Triceps Pullover,Machine
Shoulder(front) Lateral Raise,Dumbbell,Side
Shoulder(front) Lateral Arm Raise,Machine
Shoulder(front) Front Raises, Straight Arm
Shoulder(front) Front Barbell Raise,Standing,Medium-Grip
Shoulder(rear) Rear Deltoid Raise,Dumbbell,Bent-Over
Shoulder(rear) Rear Deltoid Raise,Lying
Shoulders Overhead Press,Machine,Seated
Shoulders Overhead Press,Barbell
Shoulders Overhead Press,Dumbbell
Shoulder(front,outer) Barbell Military Press
Shoulder(front) Shoulder Press,Dumbbell,Seated
Shoulder(front,rear) Shoulder Press,Seated
Shoulder(front,outer) Barbell Press,Behind Neck,Standing
Shoulder(front,outer) Dumbell Press,One-Arm,Palm-In
Shoulder(front,outer) Dumbbell Press,Seated,Palms-In
Shoulder(front);Trapezius Upright Row
Shoulder(front);Trapezius Upright Row,Barbell
Shoulder(front);Trapezius Upright Row,Dumbells
Shoulder(front);Chest(upper);Triceps Push-Up,Elbows Close to Sides
Shoulder(front);Chest;Triceps Push-Up,Elbows Out
Shoulder(rear) Back Butterfly
Shoulder(rear) Bent-Over Low-Pulley Side Lateral
Abs Abdominal Crunch,Floor
Abs Abdominal Crunch,Machine
Abs(upper,obliques) Sit-Up
Abs(upper) Bent-Knee Sit-Up
Abs(upper) Sit-Up,Heel-High
Abs Leg Raises,Hanging
Abs(lower) Vertical Leg Lift,Knees Straight (Dip Bars)
Abs(lower) Vertical Leg Lift,Knees Bent (Dip Bars)
Abs(lower) Leg Pull-In,Seated Flat Bench
Abs(lower) Reverse Sit-Up
Abs Abdominal Leg Raise
Abs(obliques) Abdominal Twist,Seated,Machine
Abs(obliques) Reverse Trunk Twist
Abs(obliques) Side Bends,Barbell
Abs(obliques) Side Bends,Dumbell


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