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Track diet and exercise progress with NutriStrategy Nutrition and Fitness. For weight loss, cardiovascular fitness or weight training workouts, NutriStrategy helps you improve your health. You'll learn how to reduce body fat, build stronger muscles and increase calorie burning activities. NutriStrategy provides nutrition, fitness and health information to help you reach your goals. Learn the importance of diet and exercise in overall wellness, weight loss and disease prevention, so you can take control and make healthier choices. Your strategy for health starts here!

Calories Burned during Exercise - List of calories burned for exercises, sports and daily activities.
Diet and Nutrition Information - Food sources and functions of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
Weight Training Exercises - List of strength training exercises and weight training workouts by a personal trainer.
Healthy Eating Tips - Healthy diet tips about calories, fat, cholesterol, sodium, sugar, fiber, calcium.
Health Benefits of Exercise - How exercise and activity improves health and prevents disease.
Weight Control and Exercise - How exercise helps you lose weight, control weight and improve health.
Low Calorie Cooking & Healthy Recipe Ideas - Add flavor to recipes without adding calories.
Nutrient Digestion - How the digestive system works. Digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.
Costs of Obesity - Statistics on health care costs and diseases related to obesity.

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